Greg Williams

Location London


20 Projects

Work History

National Gallery of Art
2005 - Present
Washington D.C. Metro Area
Produce high resolution digital images of all works of art for museum databases and websites, used in art-related magazines, periodicals, brochures, and exhibition posters, and for scholarly oriented publications, including exhibition catalogues, digital catalogues and professional journals. Work mainly in a studio setting and in various other locations indoors and outdoors. Use a variety of digital cameras and lighting equipment, applying a wide knowledge of lighting techniques and equipment in developing or modifying the procedures or equipment to achieve the highest-quality images. Utilize color management work-flow, including profiling cameras and monitors. Extensive experience with Adobe Photoshop, especially as related to capture of high-quality images at high-resolution and 16 bits/channel. Assist with the management of the daily operation of the art museum photography studio overseeing the work of other photographers, technicians and interns. Schedule projects in collaboration with curators, conservators and Gallery officials, to establish the most appropriate setting or action. Suggest changes in aspects of projects to arrive at the best results. Schedule works of art into and out of the studio to ensure efficient use of time and facilities and to meet project deadlines. Test and evaluate all new digital equipment for consideration of purchase, and purchase specified supplies and equipment for the studio. Have over 17 years of knowledge and experience in the safe handling of art works in a broad range of photographic and storage situations. This includes a working knowledge of all art mediums and types. Familiar with museum requirements for image metadata and standard database programs. Work daily with Data asset management program Portfolio 9.5. Incorporating The Museum System (TMS) software in a museum setting, working with metadata formulations and working daily with servers and systems to archive the museum's digital assets.
Freelance Photographer
Heinemann Library
2001 - 2005
Chicago, Illinois
Produced digital images for children's publications using a Nikon D1X digital camera. Color corrected images in Photoshop and produced photo CDs.
The Art Institute of Chicago
1994 - 2005
Chicago, Illinois
Photographed two- and three-dimensional works of art for publications, research and conservation purposes (with a Sinar 54H digital camera back). Produced digital color profiles for scanners, printers and cameras using ProfileMaker Pro 4.1 Supervised a team of photographers and digital technicians. Produced RGB and CMYK files and match prints for in-house and photo rights clients. Proofed all color print materials before final press. Photograph installations and events with a Nikon D1X camera. Scanned works of art (with Phase One Power Phase FX digital scanning back and Phase One H20 digital back). Color corrected images in Photoshop for digital archives.
Photographer/AudioVisual Technician
Grant Hospital of Chicago
1990 - 1994
Chicago, Illinois
Photographed various surgical procedures for staff surgeons. Video recorded various surgical procedures onto 3/4" videotape with a Sony three-chip camera. Edited tapes on Sony 3/4" tape editing unit to surgeon's specifications. Produced computer-generated slides for teaching purposes. Photographed all public relations events in hospital.
Assistant Manager of Photographic Facilities
School of the Art Institute of Chicago
1987 - 1990
Chicago, Illinois
Repaired and maintained all equipment. Assisted in supervising checkout workers and chemists. Maintained EP-2 Hope and black-and-white processors. Mixed various photo chemistries. Maintained overall facilities.
Multi-Media Technician
1985 - 1987
Washington, DC
Transferred computer-controlled slide shows to 16mm and 35mm film using Mitchell cameras slaved to a Magna Tech recorder. Supervised transfers of films to one-inch videotape using Rank-Cintel. Produced slide show effects and motion picture masks using a Forox special effects camera.
Photography Lab Supervisor
Controlled Environment Systems Inc.
1983 - 1985
Rockville, MD
Supervised six lab technicians. Developed and printed all formats of B/W and color films. Processed E-6 transparencies. Shot stats, dupes, and internegatives.


The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
1987 - 1990
Bradley University
1979 - 1983
Palatine High School
1975 - 1978