Josh Berger

Location Los Angeles

Professional storyteller

Film Producer Actor Screenwriter
47 Projects

Work History

Jan 2019 – Present
The first ever VPN Marketplace, creating a safer and faster internet.
Pet Hemp Company
May 2019 – Present
Greater Los Angeles Area
Pet Hemp Company CBD Oil CBD Capsules CBD Dog Treats and CBD Cat Treats are made from natural and organic ingredients giving your pet access to important health and wellness benefits. Medical research has proven that cannabidiol (CBD) interacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) and can help your pet with immunity anti-inflammation aging epilepsy arthritis nausea cancer digestive skin issues and general wellness.
Berger Bros Entertainment
Sep 2008 – Present
Hollywood, CA
Berger Bros Entertainment is a comprehensive multi-media production company. We are committed to providing audiences with impressive, innovative and risk-taking films from the best filmmakers the world has to offer, accomplished and on the rise. We specialize in all aspects of production and post-production for film, video and multi-media content creation for fiction and documentary projects, TV commercials and programs, marketing, promotion, art, photography, and anything else we may be called upon to create.
Director Of Digital Media
Radical Studios
Feb 2008 – Present
Greater Los Angeles Area
Directing the digital footprint for Radical Studios. I organize and administrate all marketing, promotional and affiliate strategies across all platforms.
Josh Berger
Apr 1991 – Present
Josh is a professional actor. He has been acting and training since he was eight years old. He is a member of AFTRA and a must join of SAG. Josh is currently starring in a short film and has a supporting role in a feature film. He continues to study and grow as an actor. Josh Berger has a long career ahead of him in this industry.
Dec 2015 – May 2017
Silicon Beach
SocialHouse is a peer-to-peer matching platform, which connects like-mined Millennials together as HouseMates, based on their interests, careers and lifestyles. They are the one-stop shop for the Sharing Economy with on-going management, events/activities and a fin-tech payment platform.
The Ecomm Dude
Mar 2008 – Jan 2017
Greater Los Angeles Area
The Ecomm Dude is an E-commerce and digital development and marketing company. Our goal is to give the power back to the people to compete at the highest level with leading brands in the digital space. We are forward thinking when it comes to E-commerce development. Making sure that the sites we build compliment the business goals of our clients. The internet is a powerful thing and we make sure our clients are able to get the furthest reach for the lowest cost. Once your site is up, we offer a 360 degree solution for marketing and management. Clients can expect to be a competitor in the online space. The objective at The Ecomm Dude is to encourage our clientele to set high standards for our performance and then to meet and beat those expectations. We are the anti-agency agency by providing cost effective and innovative web-based solutions for clients of all sizes.
Mozaic Creations Inc.
Jan 2002 – Sep 2007
Nickie Black created Mozaic in 2003, as an open microphone celebration. It is a place where people come and freely express themselves. It’s a community gathering of artist, poets, and musicians. In the summer of 2003 Nickie met a young poet, named Josh Berger, AKA JBiZ. He would perform at the gathering and became a part of the community. He began working closely in promoting for the assembly and helped keep the celebration going. As he worked hard with Nickie the community grew larger. And the demand for expression expanded. They combined forces with one of the undergrounds elite: Ordell Codova. Ordell Has fathered some of the best underground open mics and shows of his time. Producing some of the great underground artists of today’s generation. Together they decided that the best thing to do was to make Mozaic into a non-profit so that they could work on the for-font of this movement. Josh registered the company and devised a business plan that would make this organization expand and grow to a limitless level. The club Mozaic is a full event every time. And the community grows by the day.


Howard Fine Acting Studio
2008 – 2016
Brian Reise
2003 – 2004
Vincent Chase Academy
2003 – 2004
Ivana Chubbuck Studio
2000 – 2001