Rachel van der Nacht

Location New York

Creative director and visual artist

Creative Director Graphic Designer Visual Artist
10 Projects

Work History

Freelance creative director and visual artist
Freelance art director, visual artist and designer
Mar 2019 – Present
Région de New York City, États-Unis
Freelance Motion Designer
Jul 2020
I created a 30s animation to promote the iconic Blazer sneakers of Nike that was released on the @nike and @footlocker Instagram accounts. More than a hundred of drawings were needed for this project. My goal was to create a bold, minimalist, and energetic animation to highlight how powerful and timeless these sneakers are.
Senior Visual Designer
Feb 2020 – Mar 2020
New York, États-Unis
- Art directed the IG account @equinox, using bold and engaging content (videos, animations...). - Developed creative strategies, concepts, and content for campaigns.
Visual artist
Nov 2019 – Feb 2020
New York
Created a bold tee capsule collection around Parisian clichés for the iconic sportswear brand. Launch in September.
Visual artist and fashion designer
Mar 2019 – Apr 2019
Région de New York City, États-Unis
Bulletin is a top lifestyle feminist brand with stores in Soho and Nolita in New York. I created a collection of clothing and accessories to encourage women to raise their financial aspirations. It was sold at Stacks House, a “pop-up with purpose.” According to the founder and former Hillary Clinton fundraiser Kindra Meyerthe, the mission is to promote financial independence and help close the gap between women and wealth in America. “We want women to know being rich is OK”. Stacks House is a “proudly for-profit feminist financial business concept.” It is a maze of colorful installations — only instead of ice cream, the theme is money, investment, and women.
Creative Designer
Nov 2018 – Feb 2019
Région de New York City, États-Unis
Nowadays is a fast-growing creative agency located in Soho, with major clients, such as Puma and A24. I art directed campaigns and created artwork for Puma, as well as launch concepts, posters and illustrations. I created lots of engaging and meaningful content (videos, animations...) for the IG @pumahoops. The t-shirt I designed "Love the Hate" became a hit on Puma.com. -> /bit.ly/2DO5zeZ
Art Director and Photographer
Oct 2018 – Dec 2018
Région de New York City, États-Unis
I led the social media strategy: art directed and copywrited the Instagram account @lunii_us. Created illustrations and animated content for it. I art directed photoshoots with kids and the team as well.
Creative and Strategy Manager
Jul 2016 – Nov 2018
Région de Paris, France
Livy is a French premium lingerie brand. Our collaboration started when it was an unknown newborn start-up, until it became a very successful brand ($3,8M turnover in 2018, 25 stores across the world & a partnership with Victoria Secret). I created the whole brand platform and storytelling of the brand, as well as the claim “We love we create we women we LIVY”. I wrote all the press releases and product descriptions in both French and English, I named all the products of the first two collections. I art directed and managed the Instagram account @livystudio for two years while building an audience from 0 to 70k followers through a very bold and consistent visual storytelling. This experience was a great opportunity to combine my creative, strategy and copywriting skills with my love for fashion and graphic styles.
Illustrator and Punchliner
Jul 2016 – Sep 2018
ILLUSTRATOR Launched a capsule collection «RACHEL VAN DER NACHT» that promotes my art and empowers women through humor. Create(d) artworks and punchlines for other collections. × BRAND STRATEGIST Copywrite(d). Advise(d) the global strategy of Undiz. Create(d) web animations and creative content.
Visual Artist
Refinery29, Inc.
Aug 2018
Région de New York City, États-Unis
REFINERY29 is a trailblazing digital-media and entertainment company for young women with a global audience footprint of 550 million across all platforms. They contacted me to create posters for the 28th room of their 29ROOMS show, an iconic immersive event that gathers brands and artists. I create four bold and carnivalesque posters for the Moxy Hotels, that highlight the Moxy Freak Flag Show, which takes some of their more popular perks and reimagine them as freak show characters. The posters are selfie-friendly and with some mirror areas that enhance the immersive spirit of the event.
Illustrator and Punchliner
May 2017 – 2018
ILLUSTRATOR AND PUNCHLINER AS RACHEL VAN DER NACHT. Created a collection, using my artworks and punchlines.
Illustrator and Punchliner
May 2015 – 2017
ILLUSTRATOR AND PUNCHLINER AS RACHEL VAN DER NACHT. Created six streetwear collections, using my artwork and punchlines about pop culture, social media, love, life... and so much more. www.rad.co/fr/brands/rachel-van-der-nacht.html www.rad.co/fr/catalogsearch/result/?q=rachel
Illustrator & Punchliner
Feb 2015 – Oct 2016
Artworks and Illustrations for the Italian online clothing brand GLEEST.
Illustrator and Punchliner
Cool and the bag
Sep 2014 – 2016
ILLUSTRATOR AND PUNCHLINER AS RACHEL VAN DER NACHT. Created a collection of accessories (t-shirts, tote bags, mugs, caps etc) using my art and punchlines.
Art Director
Nov 2015 – Dec 2015
Creating artworks for the French online magazine Konbini.
Livre de Poche
Sep 2015 – Nov 2015
Creating artwork for the coverbook of the roman " The Gallery of vanished husbands" written by Natasha Solomons.
Jun 2014 – Sep 2014
Fred & Farid, 22 rue de la Victoire Paris
Intern at the French communication agency Fred & Farid to validate my Bachelor. Work : Creating designs and illustrations for different brands / clients : Société Général, Twinnings, EDF ...
Receptionist ( Weekends & holidays)
Sep 2012 – Aug 2013
10 Rue Volney, 75002 Paris
Receptionist at the Gallery : Welcoming visitors and tourists from all around the world in French, in English and in German.


School of Visual Arts
2016 – 2018
2011 – 2014
Hypokhâgne A/L : Preparatory Class for advanced studies in
Lycée du Parc
2010 – 2011